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Learning Pedagogy

In more recent times, scholars in Developmental Psychology and Child Development like Piaget, Bruner, Vygotsky, Urie Bronfenbrenner and Gardner have further emphasised, based on their research, play and activity as the child’s natural modes of learning and that children living and learning in multiple social and cultural contexts influence children’s learning and development. While Piaget emphasised that children constructed their knowledge by assimilating the experiences and then accommodating within their own understanding and that children are adjusting and using new information constantly to make sense of perceptions and experiences. Vygotsky viewed that children are actively engaged in social and cultural experiences and there is active interaction between children and more experienced others in the process of learning and development. Further Jerome Bruner proposed that children represent information and knowledge in their memory in three different but interrelated modes such as action-based, image based and language/symbol based.

Based on the insights and philosophies of these practitioners and thinkers, early childhood care and education programmes should be based on an understanding of the patterns of development and learning that define the essential nature of childhood hence at our Preschool we have been effecting these philosophies.


Fun learning


Activity Based Learning


Theme based Learning


Experiential Learning