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Information to Parents of Preschool Students

Parents can meet the class teacher/Supervisor/Principal on all Saturdays at 10am.

Parents are requested to send only the required quantity of food to their child’s need.

Complaints / legitimate grievances if any should be addressed to the principal

Students should carry two napkins, a spoon and a water bottle duly labelled along with their lunch.

Do not send your child to school if he or she is suffering from any infectious disease.

Parents should strictly follow the child’s drop and pick up timing.

Parents are expected to go through the Hand Book/Diary carefully and sign the Hand Book/ Diary daily.

Child should be potty trained. Wetting or soiling in school can affect his /her attitude and confidence.

It is compulsory to send a spare dress in the child’s bag.

All Pre-primary classes have full-time care takers, who assist the teacher with class room Management and other selected duties.

Occasionally a child may bring home something that belongs to the classroom environment. Please do not regard this as stealing. Explain to the child that the object is needed at school and encourage them to return it the next day.